CrystalCast Episode 5 with Seneca Bridging

Episode 5 of CRYSTALCAST features Chris Roscoe and Sharon Catterall of Seneca Bridging.

Crystal Specialist Finance’s new podcast series continues with another guest from the world of specialist finance providing you with expert insight and helping you to either write more sector business or start for the first time.

Episode 5 features Seneca Bridging’s Head of Operations Sharon Catterall and Relationship Manager Chris Roscoe. We were also joined by Crystal’s own Head of Development Finance Michael Fisher who joined Kris Corns to talk about everything development finance and the rise in new (less experienced) borrowers taking on projects.

Chris Roscoe said: “All our Development and Bridging finance loan fees are calculated from the net advance so we don’t penalise the client with compounding the interest and allows the client to get more on day one.”