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Crystal Specialist Finance specialise in providing short-term Bridging Loans.

We won’t be beaten when it comes to short-term loans and bridging finance. The products our panel of lenders offer are comprehensive, covering a range of terms, circumstances and property types. Not only can we beat your quote, we deliver results fast; and our award-winning service makes us the only real choice in the Bridging world. With our help, you can offer your clients a quick, reliable and efficient short-term finance solution.

What is a Bridging Loan?

What Makes Us Different?

Clients who are looking for a Bridging Loan can use them for a variety of purposes. Efficient, effective and quick, we have Bridging Loans available to individuals, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. With a range of lenders covering FCA Regulated and Non Regulated loans, we offer products that can cover:

  • Auction Purchase (quick completion timeframes)
  • Chain Break (bridging the gap between purchases - expected or not)
  • Light/Heavy Refurbishment (small/large renovation works)
  • Development Loans (smaller development projects)
  • Below Market Value Purchase (discounted purchases)
  • Capital Raise (for almost any purpose)

No matter the purpose, we have the product to suit your clients’ needs.

Crystal Specialist Finance is broker focussed. Our process is designed to fit with yours which is why we pride ourselves on three things: Speed. Service. Flexibility.


Everything we do is in-house. We can help with the quick turn-around you need to complete any type of case you come across. If you’re in a real hurry for a response, you can use our Broker Portal to submit your DIP form and get a call back within the hour.*


We pride ourselves on our service. You can rest assured you will receive award winning service from our team of experts at every stage of your clients’ application.


We want your deal to complete as quick as you do. We work with you to structure a solution for even the most unusual case.

Using Crystal Specialist Finance makes the process quick, simple and realistic. We work together to make it happen, that's why you know we will do everything to assist you!

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