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  My experience of Crystal Specialist Finance is that there is a consistently high level of service and a genuine desire to provide outstanding service to their clients. I have found them to be well resourced, with specific named contacts within their team from initial enquiry, through to packaging and following through to deal completion. This from my point of view has made my life easier in dealing with incoming enquiries, as there is an exceptionally clear flow of information to the lender, which has enabled me to process applications for clients efficiently. From a lender’s point of view, it has been a pleasure to deal with Crystal, and I know that when I receive an enquiry from them, it will be well packaged and presented. - High Street Lender

  Crystal Specialist Finance will aim to assist any broker and client where they can, and are a true specialist finance distributor. All of the team are very customer focused, and all committed in doing the ‘right’ thing for their clients and brokers. When we receive the information for each deal the Crystal staff are always on hand to chat through each case, and as and when required they will liaise between ourselves and the clients making sure we get the full information in order to arrange an agreement in principle. They then work with the Bank and the client to develop the case further and help them through the process required to get formal offer.

One case comes to mind in particular, where we were able to assist helping a client to repay a bridging loan, and of course completion time scales were very tight. Despite the business being based a fair distance away, I received all of the information that I needed from the team at Crystal at a very early stage and we managed to get a quick credit agreement from our underwriters to provide to the customer. From that point onwards, the team at Crystal acted as a ‘go between’ for all parties; from the bank to the surveyors and solicitors and made sure the loan was completed in time to meet the client’s expectations and repay the bridge when needed. - High Street Lender

  Being a Specialist Distributor, Crystal Specialist Finance are able to assist brokers with various funding requirements. Irrespective of the enquiry, all members of the team have presented cases in a professional manner. The marketplace for Commercial Finance is highly competitive and Crystal Specialist Finance have excelled in diversifying their offering to brokers making them the first call when an enquiry is received. Being able to identify early on which is the most suitable lender to approach is certainly the focus for Crystal – this enables them to obtain highly competitive rates from lenders and the broker subsequently doesn’t need to shop around.

Their packaging of deals submitted to us has been excellent and the interaction throughout the process demonstrates their willingness to assist in any way to conclude the deal. Whether it be a regulated or unregulated deal or lending to an individual where the story constantly changed Crystal have always been there to provide the necessary support. One ‘Crystal clear’ example involved an applicant who had told the introducing broker different reasons why the bridge was required. After questioning from Crystal with the broker it was finally uncovered what the loan purpose was for – the involvement by Crystal was pertinent in getting to the bottom of the story.

Crystal Specialist Finance have extensive experience in assisting brokers with a variety of enquiries and are a fountain of knowledge for their introducers. They have built a brand which is highly regarded by lenders and brokers alike. - Specialist Lender

  We have dealt with the team at Crystal Specialist Finance for some time now and I have always found them to be extremely knowledgeable about the whole of the Specialist Lending market. The entire team are always extremely courteous and professional to all parties, and very knowledgeable about their deals, our criteria and appetite and the market as a whole. They are always looking at continuous improvement and are always available to discuss all issues arising with a view to achieving the best outcome for the client. If we have any questions about the deal they always have a strong working knowledge of the deals they work with, and have a great relationship with the client to get any additional information required.

What makes Crystal Specialist Finance stand out from the rest for me is their ability to understand even the most complicated deals at the outset and more importantly understand how that deal will work within the framework of the applicable lending criteria. They specialise in working with the broker and client to fully understand a deal from the customer viewpoint and focus on achieving that desired outcome as quickly and efficiently as possible for all parties. - Specialist Lender

  Crystal Specialist Finance are committed to delivering a professional and thorough service to support the intermediary market as a master broker, and their attention to detail and understanding of both their clients and us as a lender means that they always make informed decisions. We have built an excellent longstanding relationship with the team at Crystal Specialist Finance over the ten years we have been working with them. Their expertly packaged applications provide us with all of the relevant documents that we require, as a lender, to enable us to assess each case and ensure the best outcome for the customer, which really helps to speed up the process and makes it easy for our team to work with them.

I have always found them to be very knowledgeable about the market as a whole, having had over four decades of industry experience. They are always able to deliver a personalised service and are constantly improving and evolving to suit client needs and to ensure the optimal solution for the customer. They specialise in working with the broker and client to fully understand a deal from the customer view point, as well as focusing on achieving that desired outcome as quickly and efficiently as possible for all parties concerned. - Specialist Lender

  The team at Crystal Specialist Finance know they can turn to us for their business loan cases and trust that we can deliver. It was nice to get a deal done at the NACFB show and get the client the funds he needed so quickly. - ezBob

  With most brokers, the dialogue we most commonly receive is a quick call to see where their case is in our chain. Crystal Specialist Finance was involved in every stage of the application, from submission to valuation. Their proactive approach allowed an issue with the application to be solved with little fuss, and complete the case as quickly as possible. - High Street Lender

  I have dealt with Crystal Specialist Finance for some time now and I find them to be efficient, courteous and extremely knowledgeable about the market in general but especially about short term lending. Just one look around their Head Office in Tamworth tells you everything you need to know about their business… professional, smart and accessible. Their packaging is excellent and we always receive fully packaged cases with all of the supporting information presented on day 1, which makes our job much easier and I would go as far as to say that to the best of my knowledge, their packaging is one of the best in the industry.

We have been working closely with Crystal Specialist Finance and they have introduced new processes and more importantly, are working hard to align their processes to ours and this shows the level of commitment and dedication they have towards completing deals in a timely and fuss free fashion. - Specialist Lender

  I would just like to say a massive thank you for all of the excellent service which you and your company have provided us. My family and I are ecstatic and extremely delighted that you were able to help us in financing our project. - GB Client

  Communication is an extremely important factor in finding the right broker to entrust my business to. The Crystal Specialist Finance team have been tireless in keeping me informed at all stages and have ensured that all information is to hand whenever required. I will return to Crystal Specialist Finance for any future commercial lending requirements. - Developer

  Conditions from the Lender were secured at the 11th hour, but once we knew where we were going, the processing of it all was handled incredibly well by Crystal Specialist Finance. My Loan Manager was a pleasure to work with. - Mortgage Advisor

  After having been let down by a few mainstream lenders, I contacted Crystal Specialist Finance on a Tuesday, explaining that my client required bridging finance and needed funds by Friday of the same week. Everything I submitted was assessed and processed in as fast a timeframe I have witnessed, and the deal was ready to pay out by the Friday. I have worked in commercial banking and finance brokering for over a decade and have never seen a deal turn around so fast. All credit goes to Crystal’s excellent and genuinely helpful staff. - Mortgage Advisor

  From experience, my belief is that if Crystal Specialist Finance can’t do it, no one can. - Mortgage Advisor

  The staff at Crystal Specialist Finance are very friendly, which is a bonus on top of the professional way they always handle my enquiries and applications from start to finish. - Mortgage Advisor

  After using Crystal Specialist Finance for the first time on a case that I was finding hard to place for my client, I must say that I’m very impressed with the way the team communicated with both myself and my client every step of the way. - Mortgage Advisor

  Please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone at Crystal Specialist Finance who dealt with the recent case for Mr Mohammed. The client, property and the case overall had a few quirks and curveballs, so it is really of credit to your team that they managed to keep things moving forward and eventually drawn down. Great work by all concerned, especially the Completions Managers. We’ll be sending more cases over to you very soon! - Mortgage Advisor

  I have been working with Crystal Specialist Finance to arrange the finance to enable me to purchase and develop a redundant hotel building in Penzance. Having been an Architect for 22 years I was seeking to fund my first major development project. Crystal Specialist Finance worked to secure a bridging loan to finance the purchase of the property and we are currently working together to establish a Development Finance package that will allow me to raise the finance for the construction of this £1.5m project. Crystal Specialist Finance have been proactive in sourcing the right lender to suit my circumstances, and working tirelessly with the lender to achieve the finance package required to complete the project. The team there have been extremely helpful throughout the process.

Being new to commercial borrowing I needed a broker that would take the time to explain the requirements and the process in detail. The work undertaken by the Completions team on closing the bridging loan agreement in short order was unceasing and in great part ensured that the finance was in place despite tight deadlines in place. Communication is an extremely important factor in finding the right broker to entrust my business to, and they have been tireless in keeping me informed at all stages and have ensured that all information is to hand whenever required. I have been very satisfied with the work undertaken by Crystal Specialist Finance and have found they provide a bespoke, personal service through what could otherwise be a faceless process. I will return to them for any future commercial lending requirements. - KB, Architect

Best Commercial Broker of the Year 2016:

  Crystal Specialist Finance understands the detail and complexity involved in commercial transactions. Their strong, knowledgeable team provide a smooth and structured customer journey, resulting in deals of a high quality. The service they provide is consistently fantastic to both lender and borrower. - Judging Panel, B&C Awards 2016

Best Development Broker of the Year 2016:

  The extensive knowledge of the Development Finance market possessed by the team at Crystal Specialist Finance constantly turns out high quality deals. Their bespoke and personal way of working gives even the most complex case a friendly face, as they talk through every step of the process. - Judging Panel, B&C Awards 2016

Case Study

A client who was referred to us only had seven days remaining within which to complete on a £1M residential refinance to take advantage of a discount being offered by the existing lender. Let down by a lender originally approached at the eleventh hour we negotiated the use of the aborted valuation already undertaken to arrange the finance. The client completed with four days to spare with the borrowing arranged in a limited company structure. NO personal guarantees were sought. Finance was arranged at 1.3% per month, and the property was sold and the finance redeemed within three months.

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